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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Don't Get It

A friend showed me this picture recently.  He was laughing so hard like it's the funniest photo he's seen. I looked at the photo intently and all I could see were cans of NAN milk and a big BATMAAAN at the bottom.

I asked my friend what's the connection between the cans of milk and Batman. I also asked him what's so funny about the picture.

"Don't you see?" He asked. "What am I supposed to see that's really funny about the picture." I answered.

At this point, my friend stopped laughing and a look of bewilderment was on his face.

"I really don't get it." I said with finality.

He pointed out how the cans were arranged with only the "NA" part of the brand visible.  "So?" I told him. "Wow" he said while he shook his head.  Then he asked me to sing the theme song of the old Batman TV series.

"Nananananananaa... Batmaaan..." I finally got it.

It scared that I am getting old and I couldn't understand these things anymore, the way people the generation before ours couldn't understand what makes us tick.  Now I can relate to them and maybe I should be more patient with them when they just couldn't understand.  I can't imagine myself getting confused at something that I just couldn't catch.

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