Earth Hour

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gutter Language

On my way to work this morning, the radio in the bus I was riding in was tuned to a station called Energy FM. The two program hosts of the live show were named Boni, a gay man, and Charos, a female trying to act and sound like a gay man.

The two were having a great time teasing each other about their lovers and their other relationships.  Then Boni brought up a question and asked the listeners to participate.  He asked Charos what foul smell coming from her lover does she like best.

It was downhill from there. Charos said she liked the smell of her lover's decaying tooth.  Boni said that he liked the smell of his lover's fart, especially when they're having sex.  They started teasing each other using language straight from the gutter.  All the while, there was canned laughter in the background, as if the ongoing exchange was totally hilarious.  The text messages from their listeners were even worse and the hosts didn't even edit them when they read it on air.

I don't know how the management of the radio station could allow those two hosts to use that kind of language on radio at a time when kids are going to school.  Isn't it that there's a body that supposed to regulate radio broadcasts and maintain radio etiquette?

I wanted to change the radio station baut since it was a public bus, I basically cannot do anything but hear the on-going gutter speech.  The bus driver and his conductor, along with the other passengers also don't seem to mind the trash being thrown at them.

Is this what these people consider free speech?  Or is this how low our broadcast industry has gone for the sake of profit.  I hope they realize that they also have a responsibility to ensure that what they air is fit for everyone.


  1. ano na nga ba nangyayari dyan sa mga kabataan... yan ba ang mga pagasa ng bayan! heaven help us!

  2. It was really disgusting. Being a communications graduate, I know there are rules on broadcasting and these guys are simply disregarding them.