Earth Hour

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Healthy Thirst-Quenchers at SM City Baliwag

Make an effort to shed those extra pounds from all the holiday binge eating. Opt to get fit with refreshing beverage choices at SM City Baliwag.

SUPER FRESH Shakes & Desserts
The newly opened cart offers a wide selection of delicious power drinks for on-the-go health buffs. Take a sip from their Super Shake, Super Blend Smoothie or Super Fit Juice drinks and feed your body with essential vitamins and nutrients. A choice of Super Veg drink in cucumber, celery or carrot paired with low-fat milk or coconut milk is also perfect for a high-fiber diet.  

For dessert-lovers, get an order of yummy sweetness from their Super Dessert menu to cap off a hearty meal. Enjoy every bite of the Super Jumble, a mix of shake, pearls and fruit toppings or the Super Mango Pudding minus the guilt.

For foodies who wish to reduce their calorie intake but still crave for their usual whip cream on top, Dr. Pearl Cooler drinks offer a pearl-fect choice for a nutritious drink.

Enjoy a glass of your favorite fruit shake and your own choice of flavored jellies with an order of Chantilly Blended Shake. Likewise, a ‘dairy dose’ of their Yogurt Shakes in blueberry, green tea, grape, mango and strawberry flavors will surely boost your protein and calcium needs.