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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Goodbye iTunes Single of the Week?

from studio soda
It's been my habit to check the iTunes store every Tuesday to see its Single of the Week.  This feature on the store offers a free download of music from different artists old and new, and from different genres.  

I noticed just this week that there have been no new Single of the Week since the start of 2015. A quick surfing of the Internet bolstered that it has indeed been discontinued. Offered since 2004, it's here where I first heard of Cobbie Calliat and most recently the fabulous boys from Alabama, St. Paul and the Broken Bones.

But not all of the Single of the Week offered to us were outstanding.  Some really invited the "what were you thinking" reaction to the really hurtful comments left by some users of the service.  I'm beginning to think that these sometimes nasty comments might have contributed to the decision of the Apple honchos to end the service. 

Whatever the reason for its apparent demise, it is still disappointing that another source of free music for my iPod is gone.   I will surely miss this weekly treat (or trick) from the iTunes Store.  For the artists and their companies, there will always be Spotify and YouTube to let us sample their new music.