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Monday, March 28, 2011

Hapadog: Japanese Style Hotdogs

There's a newly opened store at the SM North EDSA Sky Garden that offers Japanese style hotdogs.  It's called Hapadog.  I passed by it last night and decided to take out something from what they offer.  I was given the menu but since it is a new store, I didn't know what to get.

Finally, the server told me that their bestseller is the Temp-tation.  The menu described it as a hotdog cooked like a tempura -- covered in batter and deep fried.  It is then topped with tempura sauce and the trimmings that come with the food that inspired it.  

After giving my order, a girl sitting in one corner offered me a seat and asked me if I wanted something to drink.  I said I'm fine and I'll just sit and wait for my hotdog.

While waiting for  my order, I can't help but notice the sign at the counter that says something like, "Thank you for patiently waiting."  I prepared myself to wait really long for this and realized why the girl asked me if I wanted something to drink!

Thankfully, I didn't have to wait that long for my hotdog to arrive.  It was given to me in a small black rectangular box.  My first thought was whether that was their version of a bento box.  Written in green on the side was the word Hapadog and a definition of what Hapa is.  It was something like: Hapa (adj.) a pacific islander blah blah... 

Anyway after giving me the box, the server said, "That will be 175 pesos, sir." I paid for the hotdog and went home to eat my Temp-tation.

The Temp-tation hotdog fitted the description on the menu.  I took a bite of it and got the first taste of tempura sauce: sweet and tangy.  It was also crispy because of the batter that covered it.  After a few bites however, it tasted just like any hotdog in a bun.  Perhaps because the bun tasted ordinary and although the hotdog was firm and juicy, it still tasted like something I can buy from a deli.

While the concept of dressing up a hotdog "Japanese-style" is cool and unique, what will keep the crowds away from this are the prices.  I checked the prices in the menu and the lowest priced item was at 155.  One can buy a "hap-a-dog" or half bun at 85 pesos but I think it will be good for 2 to 3 bites only.

I only tried one item though.  So I will limit my post on the temp-tation.  Did I like it?  I like hotdogs but the Temp-tation is a very expensive hotdog.  It's a novelty but I am not sure what Hapadog's target market is.  As I've said earlier, their prices will be a big factor.


  1. i agree, much as i want to try it, the price is too restricting... sobrang mahal naman.. i can get myself half a kilo of jumbo hotdog for less! PUREFOOD NI ALVIN pa! hehehe.. isingit daw si AP o! LOL!

  2. Wiggletoes, perhaps you're not their target market. hehehe... Must be those who want something trendy and cool.