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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Savoring Savory

While in Trinoma Mall yesterday, I decided to try the Savory Chicken Stall at the Landmark Foodcourt.  I like Savory Chicken because it is oven roasted and it's gravy is different from those of other chicken food stores.  They have several restaurants around the city and some malls.  This is the first time I saw them as part of a food court.

I tried the 155-peso "solo meal", which included a quarter of a chicken, a choice of side dish and a choice of either plain rice or yang chow rice.  There were several choices for the side dish, including fish fillet in sweet and sour sauce, pansit canton, mixed vegetables, and others.   I chose their mixed vegetables and the yang chow rice.

The part I got was a lot bigger than those from other eateries.  It was also tender and yes, juicy.  The gravy which I like the most was sufficient for the part.  The mixed vegetables also tasted really good but I was disappointed with the yang chow rice.  It didn't taste like one at all and the only thing that makes it a yang chow rice is the yellow color.

I also ordered their spinach seafood soup, which cost only PhP10 per cup when bought with the meal.  All in all I spent PhP165 for the meal, excluding the drink.  You have to shell out an additional PhP20 for a 12-oz. cup of juice or iced tea.

Inspite the rice, I still enjoyed my meal.  I didn't finish the chicken though because the serving was really too big for me.  I will try the pansit canton next time.  Too bad I didn't have a camera yesterday.

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