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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Food Items from Muji

Muji is known for their cool household products. I for one love their storage boxes and their bedroom and bath textiles. Another favorite is their Cedar Wood Bars.  But they also sell food products like green tea, marshmallows , and even sauces.

They recently announced some new products and I dropped by my favorite branch at Robinson's Magnolia to try them.

I bought a pack of Rice Snack in Soy Sauce flavor.. The rice balls are crispy and the soy sauce flavor is very apparent.  It's a bit salty for my taste but I have been limiting my salt intake so perhaps for some of you, it will just taste right.  It's a very light snack and will not make you feel guilty for indulging.

 Another new food product I've been wanting to try is the Mini Ramen.  Actually I planned to buy this one during the long weekend but thanks to the typhoon and heavy monsoon rains, I had to hold my plans until this weekend. 
This comes in three variants but I chose to try the Kimchi.  The sales clerk told me that there are three ways to enjoy this ramen.  You can eat it as it is like a crunchy snack or you can put it in a cup of hot water.  But you can also  cook it with vegetables and other stuff for the complete ramen experience.
I haven't tried it in any way but I will update this post once I get the chance to taste it.

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