Earth Hour

Friday, March 18, 2005


My iPod mini is getting smaller everyday. I keep on putting in more and more of my favorite music that I began thinking of getting one with a bigger capacity.

I was training my eyes on a 40GB full size iPod when WHAM!!! Apple came out with new models for the iPod Mini and Photo and I am now given a lot of choices!

These new generations of iPods are really impressive. For one, the battery life was significantly increased to 18 hours! That's more than enough music for my trip from Manila to San Francisco!

What more,iPod Mini now comes with two capacities; the original 4GB at USD199 and the new 6GB model at USD249!!! Now who wouldn't go on a rampage with that?

And then there's the iPod photo which now comes in 30GB and 60GB models! This is killing me!!!

Faced with all of these options, things have become more complicated with me. Maybe I should buy now before things get even more complicated.