Earth Hour

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Food Items from Muji

Muji is known for their cool household products. I for one love their storage boxes and their bedroom and bath textiles. Another favorite is their Cedar Wood Bars.  But they also sell food products like green tea, marshmallows , and even sauces.

They recently announced some new products and I dropped by my favorite branch at Robinson's Magnolia to try them.

I bought a pack of Rice Snack in Soy Sauce flavor.. The rice balls are crispy and the soy sauce flavor is very apparent.  It's a bit salty for my taste but I have been limiting my salt intake so perhaps for some of you, it will just taste right.  It's a very light snack and will not make you feel guilty for indulging.

 Another new food product I've been wanting to try is the Mini Ramen.  Actually I planned to buy this one during the long weekend but thanks to the typhoon and heavy monsoon rains, I had to hold my plans until this weekend. 
This comes in three variants but I chose to try the Kimchi.  The sales clerk told me that there are three ways to enjoy this ramen.  You can eat it as it is like a crunchy snack or you can put it in a cup of hot water.  But you can also  cook it with vegetables and other stuff for the complete ramen experience.
I haven't tried it in any way but I will update this post once I get the chance to taste it.

Friday, August 16, 2013

My Starbucks Card

I finally got my Starbucks card last week. It's a prepaid/loyalty card that you can use to purchase your favorite drink at Starbucks and earn points to get rewards.  It was the last day of their promotion where you load PhP1,500 and you get an additional PhP300 load free.  I have to thank the girl at the counter for convincing me to do so. 

It took me awhile to get the card because I read a lot of rants online about how hard it was to register the card on their website,  True enough, the girl at the counter told me to wait for a few days before I register my card because their website has been experiencing, ahem, technical difficulties.  Oh yes, I told her, I read that your website crashed all the time,
 I took her advice and registered my card just last night.  It only took me some minutes to register since the website was still going crazy.  I just wonder why a big company like this launched a promo without totally preparing their system.  Like, didn't they know how many frequent customers they have that would want to avail of their card?
Anyway, after getting the confirmation for my registration I got the message that I am entitled to a free grande size of any handcrafted drink of my choice. All I need to do is show my Starbucks card to the cashier on my next visit.

I didn't waste time and went to my favorite Starbucks café this afternoon to redeem my gift. Guess what the cashier told me.  The guy at the counter told me that their system was still a little loopy and I need to wait a few more days for my card to appear in their system.
I really showed on my face my disgust with his comment.  Poor guy told me that he will still try to see if my card works.  Wonder of wonders it did and I got my free grande size drink.  I chose a hot café mocha and shared it with my tiny mustachioed friend below.

So I am off to a good start to get my first reward.  I only need 11 more stars to receive a complimentary grande drink.  Or I can buy 10 bags of Starbucks coffee beans using my card to receive a free bag of beans.

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