Earth Hour

Friday, April 19, 2013

Infographic: What Will It Take to Achieve Learning For All?

Hi everyone. I came across this very informative infographic from the World Bank and I want to share it with you.  One of the powerful tools to combat poverty is to educate the people.  Education equips poor people with the necessary skills they need to participate in economic activity.

This infographic shows what has been achieved so far with regards to providing education and learning to everyone.  

Friday, April 12, 2013

Lunch at Krazy Garlik in Resorts World Manila

We recently had lunch at Krazy Garlik at Resorts World Manila. We actually wanted to try something new and ended up going inside this restaurant. The first thing I noticed was the decoration and the theme of the restaurant.  The walls were painted with scenes from  the Mad Hatter tea party in "Alice in Wonderland" except that there was an abundance of garlic.

I half expected that the store will have that distinct garlicky smell but there was none. I like the smell of garlic as long as it is not being cooked or sautéed. The place was small but nice and cozy.

For starter we ordered the Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad.  It's made with the usual salad mix of cucumber, bell pepper, onions with some chicken and shrimped.  To give it its uniquely Asian taste, it was tossed in sesame oil.  It was then topped with fried wanton and peanut oil.  I find it refreshing and cool.

One of us ordered the seafood pasta and was gracious enough to let us try it. It's a bit salty for my taste though. 

The Angus beef sirloin steak was my father's choice.  I wasn't able to try this but my father said that it tastes good and the beef was tender.

I ordered the Tofu and Baby Eggplant.  The tofu and eggplant were braised in light soy sauce and then topped with ground chicken.  It reminded me of a Thai dish.

Although it is not something that I would go crazy for, eating at Krazy Garlik was still a different experience and I somewhat enjoyed it.  You may want to visit it the next time you go to Resorts World Manila at the 2nd floor of the Newport Mall.