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Friday, July 27, 2012

Two Rainy Days in Hong Kong

I just got back from a two days, two nights vacation in Hong Kong.  I planned this trip in February so I didn't have the idea what the weather would be like.  It turned out that my vacation would be a very wet one.

I arrived in Hong Kong the day after a strong typhoon hit the city.  We could not disembark from our plane for almost an hour because of the heavy rains and strong winds that buffeted the airport.  When I reached Mong Kok where I stayed during my vacation, the effects of the storm were still evident as broken umbrellas and other debris were strewn in the streets.

My trips to Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park Hong Kong were also rain drenched.  The rains were even worse on the second day when I was at Ocean Park that I wasn't able to shoot pictures  Some of the attractions were also closed thanks to the inclement weather. 

 But the rains did not stop people from visiting these places.  Perhaps they also set their trip way in advance just like what I did.  So lesson learned.  Do not visit Hong Kong during typhoon season which falls on July to November.

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