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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kronk x Kozik = 8 Deadly Sins Labbit Series

I just got my Happy Mini Labbits last Thursday and look what Kidrobot revealed with this weekend! Another series for Frank Kozik's iconic smorkin Labbits, this time committing the 8 Deadly Sins!  (Hmmm... my memory says there are only 7 deadly or capital sins though.)

South African native designer Kronk makes the smorkin' labbits even badder by committing "the oldest sins, the newest kind of ways".  These 2.5-inch vinyl figures embody the vices that have plagued us all since creation.  Which is Labbit’s favorite: Greed or Lust? Pride or Wrath? Gluttony or Sloth? Envy or Dejection?

These will definitely be part of my collection!  They are bigger than the usual 1.5-inch mini Labbits and will come with a US$9.95 price tag per blind box.  Find your vice on July 26 at, Kidrobot stores and select retailers worldwide.  

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