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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Collecting Stuff

You probably know by now how much I love collecting things.  I have a collection of Disneyland Pins, shot glasses, and mugs from places I have visited. For a time, I also collected PinkySt dolls up until the makers decided to stop producing them. 

I also have a lot of labbits and dunnys from Kidrobot, but the local distributor has ceased making them available.  Unfortunately, Kidrobot doesn’t accept my credit card, and the sellers at eBay price them ridiculously. So my collection stalled for now. I hope some enterprising person brings them back so I can go on collecting them.

Dunny 2012

It's the same with my 3A action figure collection.  The local distributor closed the shop, so I don't have a supplier anymore.  The nearest place to get them is in Hong Kong, and I am not into traveling overseas at the moment.

My collection of vinyl records, both old and new, is still a work in progress.  It’s my latest passion, and vintage records are so easy to get nowadays since there are online sellers and independent stores that sell them at reasonable prices.  I also go to the quarterly vinyl sale – and – swap meet, which is a good place to start a vinyl collection.

Another collectible I am amassing at the moment is the Funko Pop! line. I collect them because they’re so cute and have several items already. However,  they’re taking up some space in my room.  I think I need to slow down and only focus on Disney, Star Wars, and Harry Potter Pops for now.

So people ask me why I collect these stuff and I usually say, “I enjoy collecting them.  It relaxes me.”  I don’t know if I convince them, but I don’t really care if they agree or not.  I just enjoy collecting things that pique my interest.

I don’t usually let go of the items in my collections, and I don’t understand people who start a collection, and then when they grow tired or lose interest, they sell their items. I see a lot of items on Facebook for sale, and it’s sad. To some collectors, it's good because they can get items at lower prices, although the items show some wear. Anyway, to each his own as they say.  I’ll just collect until there’s nothing left to collect.

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