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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Muji Pens and Cat Clips

I love Muji products. I actually visit their store in Robinson's Magnolia every week.  I especially love their desk and stuff organizers.  I also bought some bedroom linen from them because of their simple, no-frills style.

Recently I bought a pen from the store and was surprised to see how smooth it writes on paper. I've heard about people who actually collect these pens and now I know why. I bought another set of three pens and might buy more. They cost more than ordinary pens but they actually are worth the price.


While buying the pens, I also discovered some paper clips shaped like cats.  I like cats and these clips are so cute.  I am not sure if they can hold some of the paper stuff I have at work but I think they will look nice on my table and in the Muji desk organizers I have on my desktop.

Muji Stuff

Next time I visit the store, I will get the dog clips too!

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