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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Micrsoft Unveils the Surface

Microsoft recently announced its own tablet called the Surface.  It is a 10-inch tablet that comes with a touch screen.  The Surface will come in two flavors - one with an ARM processor that will run on Windows RT, and the other powered by Intel's Ivy Bridge chip running on Windows 8.

Another difference between the two machines is their thickness and weight.  The Windows RT Surface comes in at 9.3 mm thin and weighs 676 grams.  The Windows 8 Pro version is a bit heftier at 13.5 mm and 903 grams.  Microsoft touts the casing as a product of a unique approach and calls it the VaporMg (pronounced as Vapor Mag) which resulted to the thinner form factor of both machines.  It also enabled the inclusion of a kickstand to its design.

And yes, it has a 3 mm touch cover that clicks in on the spine of the Surface.  Microsoft took a swipe at Apple by saying that the pressure sensitive technology on the touch cover allows a user to touch type faster than on an on-screen keyboard.  The user can also add a thin click on cover that will make typing more natural.

It's not even out in the market yet but there already those who give this new gadget the death sentence.  One of them is even a Microsoft partner: an Acer executive declared that the Surface will be a total flop.  Online analysts believe that this must have stemmed from the fact that the company will now directly compete with its hardware manufacturing partners.

We'll find out about that once the machine hits the market.  For now, Microsoft has not even announced when the Surface will, umm, surface in the market and at how much.

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  1. if it isnt touch, i dont think it will click. :( unless it is super cheap ha. otherwise, wag na.

  2. It's a touch screen tablet with a bonus cover that can be converted into a keyboard!