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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Amazon Kindle Tablet coming in November

There have been a lot of rumors about releasing its own tablet this year.  Well, Techcrunch's MG Siegler seems to confirm it today in an article where he claimed that he has actually seen and played with the device.  Unfortunately, as part of their deal, he is not allowed to release any  photograph or image of the gadget.

Siegler reports that the device will sport a 7-inch, colored, and backlit capacitive multi-touch screen.  He describes it as something that looks more like the Blackberry Playbook than any other tablet around.  It will also run on a stripped down Android built specifically by Amazon without the help of the Google people, so it is not like any Android we've seen so far.  Instead, it is something that revolves around the Kindle application.

All the Amazon services will be a click away and that would make this different from the rest of the iPad wannabes.  Like Apple, Amazon has a host of available services that its loyal costumers are already using and they will offer them a simple to use device that will give them access to all of these services.  What other tablet can give you that?  It may not kill the iPad but it can give it good competition.

So what will happen to the Kindle Reader?  Siegler supposes, and I agree, that it will co-exist with this new device. 

Reportedly, Amazon is doing just some minor tweaking with the software before it releases the product in November.  The article added that it is not yet in production though.  Amazon Kindle Tablet will cost less than its competition at  around US$250.  I am very interested to have my hands on this baby!

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