Earth Hour

Friday, July 1, 2011

Monde's OneOne: A Favorite Rice Crisp Snack

I like munching on crackers and one of the snacks I like to indulge in is Monde's OneOne Rice Crackers.  I discovered this a few years ago and it's been in the market for some time already.

It is very crispy but does not disintegrate once you bite it.  It somehow dissolves in your mouth like a wafer.

What I like about this snack is that it has a unique taste that's so unlike the available chips in the market.  It is not too salty and it does not taste like it's been rolled in a bed of MSG.  Once in your mouth, the flavors just burst and fills your tongue.  

One One also comes in a spicy variant but it is too spicy for my taste.  I stick to this original flavor.  I bring one pack to the office and snack on it the whole day.  It also goes well with my favorite soda.


  1. ill try this nga. will look for this when i do my grocery next week. :)

  2. love the taste. but how do you pronounce the name? is it just like pronouncing number 1?

  3. I can taste the msg on this snack. Is there a no msg variety?

    1. Asan po na grocery myron yan or puede order online tnx