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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Unlocked iPhone 4 on US Apple Online Store

I think I blinked that's why I didn't see that Apple has unlocked the iPhone 4.  It was only when I visited the Apple Online Store (US) this morning that I discovered about it.

The unlocked iPhone 4 works with a micro-SIM from any, yes any, supported GSM wireless carrier.  Since it is sold without any contract commitment, you can use it even with your current telco.  You can also decide to change telcos if you want to.  The unlocked units also have all the features as the locked ones, including FaceTime, Retina display, and HD video camera.

For those of us in the Philippines, the unlocked iPhone 4 will work with any of our wireless carrier as long as they have a micro-sim card.  No more locked in period of 24-months needed, so we don't have to live with poor customer service.

As expected, the unlocked units are more expensive than the AT&T units (US$679 for the 16GB ones). That's because in the US, iPhone prices are typically subsidized by their carriers.  But they're still less pricey than those sold in Greenhills.  Bad news for us, it's not available on the Apple Philippine store. :-(

I really wonder what made Apple to unlock the iPhone.  Their move seemed to be targeted towards those who want to use their unit while in another country.  I doubt if that group, however, comprise a large chunk of their clientele.  My hunch though is that this is a precursor of something big that will happen with the upcoming iPhone 5.  Let's wait and see.