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Friday, April 30, 2010

SM North EDSA Sky Garden Safari Adventure

We were at the SM City North EDSA recently and discovered the Safari Adventure at the mall's Sky Garden.  It features robotic figures of animals that can be found in the African Savannah.

The display attracted a lot of people, young and old alike.  They were all excited to see the "animals" which actually looked like big stuffed toys to me.  In fact some of the figures even have price tags on them, which made me wonder whether they will go on sale after the display.

Although there was audio that tells about the animals and their habits in the wild, this was drowned out by the loud music that played in the background.  Too bad the kids could not here the very informative narration.

I hope this display is not in any way an indication of things to come: That the future generation will only learn about the animals in the wild through figures with fake skin and hair because man has managed to lose them all.

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