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Sunday, February 7, 2010


My friend and I had a wonderful merienda at Amici in SM North EDSA Annex building. This Italian pizza and pasta eatery was used to be owned by the Salesian fathers at the Don Bosco Makati compound and it was then called Amici di Don Bosco (Friends of Don Bosco, in English).  

The ownership was transferred to a private firm in 2007 with the agreement that owners kept the things that worked well before. Food servings also remained generous.  The new Amici though looked more modern, spacious and bright.

This afternoon, we ordered the Pasta Pomodoro and Tutta Carne Pizza.We were first served the pizza, Amici's version of all meat pizza.  The thin crust was very crispy and the sauce just right.  The meat was just the right amount although those who are more acquainted with other "meat lover's" pizzas might get disappointed with the absence of the mini meat balls.  What I like about it was the generous amount of cheese that went into the pizza.

We were already half-way through our pizza when the pasta was served.  Once again, the serving was more than enough for the two of us and the sauce was really creamy and enough to cover all the pasta.  The sauce was not as tangy as those in other eateries and the basil was not overpowering either.  I think some additional Parmesan cheese would have made it better to my taste although my friend said that it was already okay since more cheese could make the dish a little salty.

The price for the  soda was  a little steep though.  Considering that the place is self-served, one 1.5 liter bottle of Coke Zero cost 80 pesos.  The only consolation we got was that we were allowed to use as much ice as we wanted.  Water was also served by the pitcher.

Overall, though, as I said at the start, we had a pleasant experience eating at Amici.  Perhaps next time we will try the Four Seasons or the Quattro Formaggi Pizza.  As the Italians say, "Buon appetito"!

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