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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Full-Moon Night

After dinner tonight, I went out of the house to find a beautiful full moon in the night sky. Immediately, random thoughts filled my mind; some good, some utterly corny. I believe thought that one can be forgiven for being corny on a night the moon lords over the darkness of the night sky.

One of the advantages of living in the suburbs away from the glaring lights of the city and its pollution is being able to observe the magnificence of a full moon. Even as I write, I look outside and find the streets covered with a silver filament of light. It is so beautiful.

When I was still in college, I pass by a lake on my way home and on nights when the moon is at its brightest, it casts a reflection on the lake. It never failed to make me sigh. I always made sure that I sit on the side of the bus facing the lake every time I go home on a night like that just to see the sight.

I sometimes imagine our ancestors looking out of their dwellings to find a moon so round and glowing like a giant ball of silver in the dark evening. Were they scared of it? Or did this give them the opportunity to get together and tell stories to each other?

Young Filipino lovers of old probably met in secret and whispered sweet nothings while being illuminated by a silver disk in the sky and covered by shadows of trees and plants that capture some of the light.

Or did the Katipuneros meet under the moonlight as they planned their revolution to free us from our colonial masters?

On several occasions, I find myself staring at the full moon and wonder whether this is the same moon looking down at my friends and loved ones in distant places. I wonder whether they, just like me, are staring at the moon, struck by its beauty as it floats silently above us.

Such is the power of a full moon on me that I could get corny. But as I've said earlier, one can be forgiven for being so sentimental when possessed by the beauty of the moon.

Even if man have reached it and found that it is a cold desolate place, the moon will never cease to amuse me. In this age of the Internet, wireless communications and globalization, I still believe that the moon will remain a source of inspiration for people like me.

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