Earth Hour

Monday, April 9, 2007

Oh no! We're having another elections!!!

All indications are there. Everywhere you look, smiling faces stare back at you, a set of real pearly whites exposed for every person to see. You are suddenly roused from your Saturday afternoon siesta by a loud music coming from a bad speaker, extolling the virtues of a candidate. Yes, we're having another election. A midterm election.

Watching the television became even harder these days. Every half hour or so, I see a TV ad of a candidate, telling me of his plans once elected to office. I can't help but squirm, and in some instances get plain angry over their promises. I think that's the problem with working in government. I have become jaded.

I've heard these promises before and at one point in my career have written press releases and speeches doing the same thing. Promising education, food, health services, shelter, etc. for every Filipino. Ugh! Yet every Filipino are still wanting of these same services. I am about to lose my faith on this institution.

Yet, only last week I was talking with a good friend and we were coming up with our line up of who to vote come May 14. I guess like many Filipinos, I haven't learned my lesson.

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