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Friday, May 12, 2006

Breakout Through to the Other Side

About a month ago, I passed the certification exams for Microsoft Office Word and Excel expert level. This means that Microsoft now recognizes me as someone who knows more about Word and Excel than the average Filipino, no, person in the world.

Please…. I know what you are thinking.

Isn’t this the same person who, only a few months back, has been harping about the superiority of the Mac OS X?

I have a simple explanation for that.

Just like any other Filipino office worker, the machines that surround me are all run by the Bill Gates operating system. I do my report in Word, make spreadsheet in Excel and present them in PowerPoint. But at home, I escape from it all and live in a Mac OS X environment. Indeed, I live a double life.

But I haven’t finished yet.

Before getting the certification exam, I and several of my colleagues needed to go through a training program to equip me with the necessary knowledge to pass the exam. And it was given to us free of charge by Microsoft and our office. Even the certification exam was given to us free when I heard that each exam cost several thousand pesos. But is it really free? Nah….

We need to render several hours of service by training other employees in our agency. Indeed, this guy who has been praising the beauty of a Mac a few months back will now start training other people to be enslaved by Microsoft. Talk about breaking out through to the other side!

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