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Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Apple in My Mind

Mac Mini or iBook? Posted by Hello

I've been in a very tough position in the last few weeks.

Ever since Steve Jobs announced the arrival of the Mac Mini, I've been itching all over my body. I wanted to get one. Now! But wait... something is holding me back. I want an iBook too. I can't make the right choice. I need help.

My inner self tells me to weigh my needs. Portability? Power? If I want portability then the iBook is the way to go. If I needed power the MacMini is it. But then, MacMini doesn't come with a keyboard, a monitor and a mouse. And here in the Philippines the littlethingamajig goes for 38 thousand pesos!!!

So it's the iBook then? Hmmm... the iBook sells for, at the minimum, P72K. Add some RAM and the whole thing goes for almost P80K. Oh and I'll only get 30GB of storage space for that. Plus, there is a need to buy a nice bag to protect this investment.

Who wouldn't be confused with all of these things to think of?

Of course there's another inner voice that keeps on nagging me with a very practical question: "Do you really need an Apple in a country run by Windows?"

Right now, the rebel in me says Yes.

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