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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kindle for Mac Now Available

After being labeled as "Coming Soon" for months, Amazon finally released its Kindle application for Mac this week.  It is a free download from the site.

The application has the same functionality as the PC version and only runs in Intel Macs and requires Mac OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard.  Download took less than 10 minutes and just like any Mac OS X application, the user must drag dmg file unto the Applications folder.

Kimdle for Mac OS X has the same functionality of its PC sibling.  The user can change the size of fonts for easier viewing.  However, it also does not give the user the ability to right down notes and annotations.  I hope this will be one of the features promised to include in its future release.

My favorite feature of course is the Whispernet which synchronizes all Kindle applications across platforms.  When I downloaded and opened one of my books, I was immediately brought to the page I was reading on my Kindle for PC application.

I don't know if timed the release of this software just before the iPad becomes available in the market.  The iPad of course has the iBooks e-book reader application which has a more appealing GUI than the Kindle.  However, iBookstore won't be available here in the Philippines so I would be sticking with both Kindle for PC and Mac OS X for now.  Or until my Kindle arrives.

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