Earth Hour

Sunday, February 28, 2010


They work in the dark, insidiously taking over your property.  By the time they're finished, you will be left with almost nothing.  They are small, but their numbers make up for their size.  I am talking about anay, white ants, or termites.

For the past two days, I had my house treated for these pests.  I never realized how bad the situation was until the pest control guy went up the ceiling and treated the area.  Termites fell like rain and died upon falling on the floor.  But the worst was yet to come, when the man walked a few steps to another area, he almost fell from the ceiling after his foot went through the material. He managed to tell us that the ceiling and its braces are almost completely eaten by the invaders.

My cabinets were also infested.  From the outside, they looked fine but when the pest control guy started knocking on the boards, they were hollow.  And when  the board was punched with an icepick, true enough, the termites have completely eaten the insides of the wood.  This was the case for most part of the house that was made of wood.  Everything looked pristine outside but inside, there was nothing.  It reminded me of wafers and ampaw.

I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it.  But my house is literally crumbling without me noticing it.  I could actually wake up one morning and find pieces or entire parts of the house falling on the floor.  What saved me from this catastrophe was I asked someone to estimate how much I would spend for the repairs of the house.  The person told me that before I have my house repaired, I should call the pest control company because he suspected that my house was infestested by termites.

The pest control company told me that it will take a day to complete the work.  However, the one day treatment extended to two days, every time the pest control leaves an area he'd tell me that he's never seen such infestation before.  The place was simply swarming with termites and I didn't know!  In fact, had I not called them to treat my house, I will have no house to speak of by next year.


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