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Thursday, February 18, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Top 24

After screening thousands of young hopefuls, and sending home hundreds more during Hollywood week, the judges announced tonight the top 24 contestants for American Idol Season 9.  There were surprises, especially that one of those I expected to be in was not selected.

I am glad that the two men I am impressed with (Casey James and Andrew Garcia), as well as three girls I would want to vote for if I were allowed (Llli Scott, Haeley Vaughan and Siobhan Magnus) all made it to the top 24.  Of course Big Mike Lynche was also shortlisted though I came to know him more because of the birth of his baby on Group Day.

As usual, there were several contestants in this list who did not get good exposures during the winnowing process.  I hope their talents would help them remain in competition.  I really can't say much about John Park, Crystal Bowersox and Ashley Rodriguez because I don't remember seeing their performances during the auditions and the Hollywood week.  Perhaps because they were barely given airtime during the long elimination process.  Hopefully their lack of TV exposure won't harm them and make them exit the competition earlier than the rest of the 24.

Let's see how everybody would perform and how they would impress America.  It's ladies first again as the girls perform this coming Wednesday (Tuesday in the U.S.).  The boys follow suit on Thursday and we'd know who the first two contestants to leave on Friday,

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