Earth Hour

Thursday, April 5, 2007


I watched the movie TMNT yesterday with some friends to find out what this new version has to offer. I enjoyed the animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series on TV and the live-action movies as well. So I was looking forward to an enjoyable experience.

TMNT is much darker and edgier than the live-action movies. You'd think that the Turtles have matured and are past their teens. Raphael for one suddenly has issues and now questions his role in the group. And whatever happened to their passion for pizza?

Nevertheless, I wasn't disappointed and did enjoy the movie. The animation was awesome. The rain scene where Leonardo and Raphael had a duel on the rooftops was very impressive. Splinter's CGI iteration would make you wonder what digital animators would come up with next.

One more thing, I got dizzzy with all those camera work. My brother explained that a medical study explained that those of us born before 1974 have problems watching digital images. The study explained that our eyes do not have the ability to fully process moving digital images and that we tend to get dizzy with prolonged viewing.

Maybe this also explains why I have a hard time playing FPS games on any console. So while everyone's praising DOOM and HALO for their graphics and all, I avoid them like a plague.

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