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Monday, April 23, 2007

Singkamas and HaloHalo

It's summer again. With temperatures rising to record levels, Pinoys are finding ways to relieve themselves of the heat. Some go to resorts, especially when they can afford it. But most, or almost everybody, go to the malls! Not to shop, mind you, but just to enjoy the cool airconditioning in the area.

Last Saturday, I went to a popular mall in Mandaluyong to meet some friends. The place was overflowing with people! No kidding. There were even babies, almost like newborns to me, in their strollers, and old people in their wheelchairs in the crowd. Luckily the airconditioning of the mall was still working fine inspite the influx of people.

The following day, I was not feeling well already. Old people tell us to avoid crowded places because it could make us sick. Too bad I didn't follow them. So the whole Sunday, I felt like I'd be going down with a flu. Add to this was that I had to endure the summer heat in the house.

Then it struck me. I could beat this heat with food usually associated with summer: singkamas and halohalo. I bought some singkamas (turnip) peeled and sliced it and then put some vinegar and salt to taste. The cooling effect was instantI I almost finished the whole bundle in one sitting.

For merienda, I bought a tall glass of halohalo from a neighborhood store. For the uninitiated, this halohalo is a mixture of ice, milk, sweetened bananas, camote, red beans, kidney beans, macapuno, langka, and sago. This is usually topped with a slice of custard and a sprinkle of rice crispies. The halohalo was a great merienda and a heat buster.

Actually it's been a long time since I had these two great food. That's why I truly enjoyed having them last Sunday.

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