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Monday, March 11, 2013

Lunch at Abe Restaurant in Serendra

We recently had lunch at Abe Restaurant in Serendra at the Fort. It's a good thing we came early because the place was soon packed with a line for waiting customers. The restaurant specializes in Filipino food with strong Capampangan influence.  The name Abe itself is Capampangan for friend.  

Walking into the place is like entering a time capsule. The walls of the restaurant were filled with photographs of famous Filipinos. We spent the time waiting for our orders to arrive identifying the personalities in those photographs.

For our food, we ordered the Klasik Kare Kare, which is a family favorite.  We usually compare the one we ordered with our family's version.  We find the taste of Abe's kare kare almost similar to ours. However, the one we ordered had ox tail and beef/

We also ordered for the crispy tadyang, which is actually marinated spare ribs deep fried until it's crispy.  It came with two dips: achara and vinegar with red onion.  It's best to eat without any of these dips to enjoy the taste and crispiness of the food.

Since every table seemed to order it that day, we also ordered the Binukadkad na Plapla. It's a big tilapia cut so that the meat from both side seemed to bloom (bukadkad).  It was flavored with different spices and deep fried to make it really crispy. It's so crispy that I wanted to eat even the fish head and the bones!  It also came in a platter with mustard leaves and with a definitely Capampangan dip, burong hipon (fermented shrimps).

Binukadkad na plapla from Abe Restaurant

You may also choose to have unlimited servings of rice.  The staff were so happy to fill our plates with rice that we had to ask them to stop after two servings.

The prices were just right given the quality of the food.  If you like to have a nice all-Filipino meal with your friends in a nice environment, with good food and service, try Abe Restaurant in Serendra.

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