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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Giant Croc captured in the Philippines

The Philippines is in the news again.  A giant salt water crocodile was recently captured alive in a small municipalty in the Southern province of  Agusan del Sur.  The reptile measured at 21-foot in length and weighed a ton.  The picture below clearly shows the size of the animal.  By the way, in case you're asking, the man on that croc is the mayor of the town.

from reuters

He was interviewed on the radio this morning and I was able to catch a big chunk of it.    He said that they named the crocodile Lolong in honor of their team leader who died of a heart attack while they were pursuing the reptile.  According to the Mayor, the reptilian behemoth was first spotted along a creek dragging a carabao.  Some 50 or more members of a religious sect witnessed the event while they were crossing a bridge over the creek after their worship services.  This prompted the Mayor to seek the help of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in capturing the croc.

The Mayor also said that it took them three weeks to capture the beast which also destroyed a number of traps.  He also related that one night while they were surveying the known habitat of the animal, their flashlight/torch beam caught two pairs of eyes in the creek, suggesting that this giant may have a mate still lurking in the waters and marshlands.  The creek, according to the Mayor, is considered  a "crocodile highway" and traverses at least seven municipalities in the Agusan Province.

The Mayor added that the croc was estimated to be 50 years old.  The group that helped them capture it also advised them not to kill the animal because, aside from a law protecting the species, it also helps in the maintenance of the ecosystem in the area.  The community was advised not to venture in the known habitat of the reptiles after sundown since that's the time they are most active.

from reuters
Newspaper reports that some crocodile hunters are on the hunt for a bigger one in the waters of Agusan.  But we all know that there's another kind of crocodile that's more vicious, hungry and greedy than the one captured in Agusan.  The problem is, they are all over the place and we're all their prey.

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