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Sunday, July 24, 2011

What's for Merienda? Pan de Sal with Peanut Butter Ice Cream filling!

 We were thinking of what to have for merienda this afternoon when my mother suggested pan de sal, a bread that's eaten traditionally at breakfast.  We bought some from Pan de Manila, a bakery which specializes in pan de sal baked in pugon or brick oven.

Pan de sal goes well with cheese or butter but this afternoon, we tried something new.  We actually fell for this poster showing the pan de sal with peanut butter ice cream filling.

The peanut butter flavored ice cream was exclusively created by Nestle Philippines for Pan de Manila.  Although I am not a big fan, I like trying something new.  It doesn't look like something that could kill me, so I grabbed one tub to go with our pan de sal.

The ice cream is so sweet and all I could taste after a few bites was its sweetness and no hint of peanut butter.  My father even said that it tasted more like mocha flavor than peanut butter.  Also, the idea of using it as palaman or filling for the hot pan de sal doesn't seem to be good one.  It melts so fast that you end up with fingers (and mouth) dripping with soupy peanut butter ice cream.  We also observed that it melts than the average ice cream even when it's still in the tub.

Nestle needs to improve the ice cream if they want this partnership to last long.  As for the pan de sal, I suggest that we stay for the more staple palaman of cheese, butter or guava jelly.

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