Earth Hour

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thank You in different ways

Today is my birthday.  When I went online this morning to check my Facebook page, 55 of my friends have posted their birthday greetings on my wall.  

I didn't want to thank each one with a generic "Thank you" so I decided to thank them in a more personal way.  I wanted to say it differently for each person.  Those in other places, like my friend in Spain I thanked in Spanish.  My former officemate in Hawaii I thanked in the native tongue.

I was not even midway in replying to all the greetings when I realized that I was already trapped in the generic "thank you" I was trying to avoid.  The only difference between each reply was the name of the recipient.  I then tried to use the Filipino way of saying it but ended up in the same trap as that with the English version.

That's the problem with the written word.  Sometimes, it is difficult for someone writing to convey his feelings, especially in some very short messages.  It is also difficult for a reader or receiver to discern the true feeling that the writer wants to express.

In the end, I just went on to say "thank you" to my friends in whatever way I could.  I just wish that my feelings got through with just two words.


  1. with true friends and family, those two words almost always are enough. again, Happy Birthday!