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Monday, June 14, 2010

When Mother Nature has a Bad Day

There's no doubt about it, Mother Nature was having a bad day yesterday and she made us know about it.

The whole day was so humid.  We were in Tiendesitas yesterday and I never felt so uncomfortable.  There was sweat on my forehead and arms and I was thirsty the whole time even just after taking a drink of water.  It was like the heat was coming from inside my body.

It was so uncomfortable that I could not enjoy the all breed dog show that was going on in the area.  I feel sorry for those pooches for being subjected to the harsh weather we had yesterday.

On my way back to Bulacan, the  skies over Bocaue started to darken and at 5 in the afternoon, it looked like it was already early evening.  Just as I stepped off the bus, it started to rain.  It was that big, fat rain that could drench you in seconds.  I hurriedly took a tricycle to bring me home as water was starting to fill the streets.

Rain fell from the sky and it was accompanied by bolts of lightning and claps of thunder.  It lasted for more than an hour and when it stopped, it stopped suddenly like a faucet turned off.  In a matter of minutes, the chorus of frogs croaking filled the air.  Then it started to get warm again.

It was like being hit by a double whammy.  Warm and humid in the daytime, and torrential rains in the afternoon.  I hope it Mother Nature doesn't have another tantrum and it doesn't get that bad again today or tomorrow, which is the start of the new school year.

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