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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Homegrown Mangoes

These mangoes are special.  They are not bought from any store.  They came from the mango tree planted by mother in a small space in our front yard.  This is the first time that that tree bore this much fruit so I am pretty excited.  There are still some fruits in the tree that still need a number of days to mature.

We had to pick these ones early because some people were already eyeing them.  Before we picked them, there was a group of youngsters who used a stick to reach some of the fruits.  On other days, some people even threw rocks at the tree, damaging some of the fruits.

Last year, the same tree bore a total of three fruits.  One was eaten by a bat while the other one was damaged by rot.  Only one survived and matured.  When it was ripe, it was very sweet.  

In a few days, these mangoes will ripen.  I hope they would be as sweet as the one we had last year.

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