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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Holy Cow!

Last Sunday was our schedule for another family eat out. We went to SM North EDSA for lunch and the first restaurant we got in to did not have its air conditioning unit on.  It was hot and humid that day so we decided to go to a restaurant inside the mall instead.  The place we finally decided on was one with steak as its specialty and it's called Holy Cow at the Annex Building.

The place is decorated like a bar in the Old American West, with the crew dressed like cowboys and cowgirls.  However, their mascot/cow figure reminded me of Cow in the old Cartoon Network comedy, Cow and Chicken.

We ordered their featured All Meat Grilled Platter and a Cobb Caesars Salad. Our father requested for an additional Potato Croquet.  We were told that our order will take some 20 minutes to prepare.

We were first served the Potato Croquet which my father asked for. The outer layer of the croquet was crispy and crunchy but the inside was soft.   I was expecting that the potato balls will have some cheese in its core but what we got was mashed potatoes.  The dip that came with it was not impressive though.

Next to be served was the Cobb Caesars Salad.  The serving was generous enough since it was just right for the four of us.  The dressing was okay but not impressive again.  What I like about it was that it has cherry tomatoes which I like to nibble on.  There was some sliced meat on top of the salad when it was served but I couldn't tell whether it was chicken, pork, beef or even tofu.

Our entree was served last, of course.  But it didn't take longer than 20 minutes to be served.  The grilled platter contained beef backribs, chicken, pork chops, some vegetable sidings, potato fries and a cup of rice.  It's supposed to be good for four persons but it was more than enough for us.  It also came with four glasses of soda or any drink of your choice.

I liked the herbed chicken most because of its tender meat and sweet taste.  The back ribs  was far from ideal, the meat doesn't come off the bone easily like those from say, Racks.  We also had to put a lot of the gravy to make it taste good.  We used a lot of gravy that we even requested for a second serving. I didn't like the pork chop.  Aside from being dry, it's tough and like the ribs,  not tasty at all.  In fact, our father had to ask for sauce to perk up its taste.

I'd say that the price was very reasonable.  The service was also very good.  The server assigned to us was very attentive and fast.  In fact, my brother left his mobile phone after we finished having lunch and the guy ran after us to give it back.

I cannot give an overall rating for the food because we only ordered for three selections from their menu.  I would give their service a four out of four stars though.

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