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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Year... Again


Well the 2010 is not that new anymore, it's already two weeks old. It's only now that I am able to open my account here and actually update my blog.

Speaking of this blog, it has been three months since I last updated it and I only posted 7 times the entire year. It's not because there was nothing to write about, it's because I was too LAZY to write. Hopefully it would be different this year. But I am not making promises.

This year started with a me on a long road trip! I will be writing about it later but me and my family went on a four day trip to the northern part of Luzon. It was the same trip I took in December 2008 with my nephews and nieces. I will really make my self write something about it. It's been a week since we got back so hopefully with the help of photos I took of the trip, I'd be able to recall the places we went to.

I'll end this post on that positive note. Happy new year again and hopefully, this one would be better than the last.

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