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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Japan Home Center

With not so much to do at home, I decided to go to the Greenhills shopping center in San Juan, Metro Manila. Greenhills is a blog-inducing thing but I will write about it some other time.

This topic is all about Japan Home Center, a store found not only in Greenhills but in other shopping malls as well. It sells various Japanese products for home and personal use.

What's amazing about this store is everything sells for 88 pesos ($1.83 at the current peso-dollar exchange rate of 48:1)!

There are really nice things one can buy from this store. There are plastic containers to organize various objects at home. There are magazine holders as well as file containers.

One can even get soy sauce, sweet vinegar and white vinegar needed to make sushi. And of course, they carry my favorite snack, wasabi peas.

The store reminds me of the 99 cents store in the U.S. where one can buy practically everything to live. What's missing from Japan Home Center are the food stuff that are priced below one dollar.

Of course, buyers should understand that at that price, they shouldn't expect these things to last a lifetime.

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