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Sunday, February 6, 2005

Come Fly with Me

Just last week, I was told at work that I am going to be a part of a team that will conduct a survey in Davao City. I've been to Davao many times before so I was the least excited about the whole trip. But a good office friend told me that it'll be a good opportunity to get out of the workplace and see places other than the four corners of my cubicle.

This week, however, I heard the horrible news that we will be taking an airline that offers cheaper airfare. The airline is Cebu Pacific.

I'm sure that most of you have heard the joke about Cebu Pacific. The one that says, 'Fly to Cebu and land in the Pacific.'

Who will ever forget two of the worst airplane disasters in the country. Yes, the planes involved were those from Cebu Pacific. One slammed into a mountain somewhere in Mindanao because the pilot had to take a detour to pick up some passengers. The other flew low over Samal Island in Davao and hit some coconut trees thereby disintegrating before it hit land.

So what to do? I told them that I will skip this one and nothing can make me change my mind. Not even the threat of disciplinary action or reducing my chances of getting promoted. I'd rather have my life than a notch up the corporate ladder.

Whenever asked why I decided not to go with them I have only one answer: "I fear for my safety."

Now don't get me wrong. I am not a die-hard devotee of Philippine Airlines. It's just that I have come to trust the airline. It's been flying the route for years and I've always flown to Davao in the same airline. Okay, their safety record may not be as near perfect as Qantas (remember 'Rainman'? He said Qantas has the best safety record among the world's airlines). They are also a butt of joke in terms of punctuality (PAL = Plane Always Late). But experience counts a lot in this business, and PAL has years of it. Knowing that makes me feel safer.

And so I chose not to avail of the chance of getting out of the office and seeing places other than the four corners of my cubicle.

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